Opening ceremony..

Hello, welcome to my page. This is the common words or greetings for dummies like me. I remember my English teacher did taught me that the recipes of being a smart or a successful student are Listen, Read and Learn. Well, I did that most of the time but I think the problem is I always ended unfocused, do not know what I’m talking about like what is happening the moment you reading this line. What is my point anyway? Starts with greeting – teacher – learn, what actually am I mumbling as the title shows Life? I let you think for a moment. 😉

Complicated, the word which describes difficult, make intricate got something to do with the introduction above. Am I correct? Smart people might think that, this person is very stupid and useless. Who is her teacher anyway? Why is she keeping repeating? If so, mark my mistake and show me the right way alright? I am just sitting in front a pc and supporting somebody’s work who they invented this way of communication which often called “blog”

Enough of psycho session, let me give a little information about me as a blogger from this moment. Online friends usually know me as Girllyen, some people thought that is my real name but they are wrong. For security purposes, I will not reveal my real name here as we could not trust the internet nowadays. So, you can call me Girllyen as you wished. Maybe some people or use to be my friends before might think, ‘Very sorry, not interested to know’, ‘Do you feel like important people’, whatever negative thoughts you have in mind, swept it away, because you will feel down and maybe stressed up yourself at the end of day or is it happening now? I welcome your intervention to keep me safe.

I have my own blog couple years ago, but I delete it due to some personal reason. However, I identified that I love the internet so much, networking and communication. I join some forums, community websites, Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, etc. and realized that I missed blogging. It’s like a satisfaction which fulfills your need while you still young and single (because you do not have any commitment for your family yet – so let’s blogging and improve your communication skills).

The obsession of starting this blog motivated by reading all your blogs whoever they are (I can’t remember millions of blogs I have read). For me, this is a kick start for the art of writing. If this is wrong, then I will stop blogging again. Just Kidding. Again, thanks for viewing and without you here I only waste my life time creating this blog and sorry for my bad grammars.

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