Happy Independent Day Sabah~

Hello all~Fuh.. damn so hard to find 3G connection here.. well.. i’m using celcom broadband.. so i’m dying for 3G connection whenever I go online..

ya.. i know.. i have been ignoring my blog quite sometime.. let me see.. how many days.. 1..2..3..4 day? That not sound very long for me.. Well, thanks to all who misses me anyway.. I know it sound.. yuii.. minta puji ba si girl..For those who know me well, that’s me.. I hate being sarcastic.. being me just me.. In fact, that’s how I judge life should be.. “BE POSITIVE” even it is end of the world.. Don’t you all think? We live in this world to enjoy God creation.. He made us so perfectly until we forget about it.. So why worry when u feel imperfect?? If you can read this.. you almost perfect! Yea.. You! I talk about you out there.. Wake up.. we live in a beautiful world.. but ruin by our own species!! See our river for example.. damn.. i wish i can swim inside.. taste the minerals of the fresh water.. But.. with the condition of our river now.. It might ended your day in hospital! Well, this is world nowadays, Selfish, Ego, Justice? Talk about justice.. I don’t think we are fair enough to talk about Justice? Why? Because we are not good in justice.. Even the Judge not going good! I do understand we are trying to get what we should have.. Just like this political views.. everyone keep blaming each other.. Everyone need attention.. this that there here.. blame blame blame.. Who is the king? Who will be the judges? Have you ever think after u die who will blame u? Or help u? Think about it.. this life is suck when u feel so bad.. Be happy and you will have the happiness deep inside u.. This is not an advice for u, but a suggestion on how to make us happier.. Happy Independent Day~

Looking For Connection
Looking For Connection

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