Obsession is not a curse

Damn.. I love to see those pictures captured by Nora (http://www.flickr.com/noracarol) I’m thinking of buy one DSLR camera too.. Among my friend.. Roy, Isa, Benny, Disie & her husband, Cab, all of them are photographer now.. i mean amateur but I wish I’m one of them too! I enjoy taking pictures, seeing scene through the lenses and even happier to see the printing result from my camera! But that’s not enough, I must have one DSLR at least, yea..The even one.. OMG.. Am I too obsess or because Roy put a curse on me? He started all this thing and now I’m addict to taking pictures and even dying for one new DSLR! Gosh! What happen to me mom? Dad? Can u buy me one of these? (Canon EOS? Nikon D series? Sony perhaps?) Huhuhu.. Another nightmare.. *sigh* Well.. So long good night~ 1 more day to be 23 years.. *wink*

4 Comments on “Obsession is not a curse

  1. wuiiiiiiiiiiiW astaga… buli2 sy terjumpa blog ko. begini besar ni internet ni pun buli tejumpa! Eiiiiiii besok kita p yamseng mau? Sy ada bgtau dorang jenie juga tu. alallala. mau DSLR kah ko ni? hehehe.. sy pne step ahead lah ni. sudah sy invested in Nikon D60.Latest craze kunun taoi kin panas jugalah kalau too mainstream. Wahaaha. masih punkrock at heart sy ni. hikhikhik. Jia you jia you! ko msg sy bah. ish ko ni sumbunggggggg!

  2. Aiks.. ko bilang sya sumbung.. kamu pun sot.. set timing mo minum jam11.. time sya tidur baitu.. adeii..

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