I never felt enough with my own life. I read the news today and saw one advertisement shows “Land For Sale”, better I buy this land for future purpose, but I just bought a unit of apartment. Then I go to the next page and see “Vacancy” and thinking of moving from my present job. What actually I want to be in life? Aren’t we all wanted to be good, wise, be successful but things come differently and I realized that life sucks! I’m thinking of buying DSLR laa.. new pc laa.. this that.. blabla.. want to start new business laa.. wargh.. why my brain can’t stop thinking and trying to be perfect! I learn that simple life is easy but it’s not easy to stay simple. O God.. please help.. I want to be happy always, no worries, no demanding, no fight, just peace in mind..

2 Comments on “Choices..

  1. Hello Girllyen,

    I have to say that you have a nice blog here. And I have added your blog to mine so that I can follow your blog updates. Hehehe… If you have times, please feel free to visit my blog –>

    About choices… I think you can check my latest post in my blog. Or you can check my notes in Facebook (kalo blog sia update, notes sia pun akan update satu kali).


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