Happy Birthday Girllyen 19 September

I just want to say big thanks to all who sms me on my birthday.. 😉 Sorry frens.. no cake for this year birthday.. too much event.. Anyway.. see who wish me thru sms.. 😉

Carol Oolmela says : Happy bday vera,awal2 sa wish ko..Sa mau tdur ngntk sudah ingatkn mo msg ngam2 midnite tp mata sa mo tetutup..Bsuk la sy smbung lg gudnite (Received: 10:12:32 18-Sep-2008)

Jenie Fidelis says: Happy bday lyen! With a year added to your age, you will now have new bridges to cross, new roads to travel, new milestone to reach.. So i wish you luck in all that you do.. Not just today but all year through! 🙂 (Received: 11:59:30 18-Sep-2008)

Chrysanthus Gerardus says: Happy birthday girlly (Received: 12:10:54 19-Sep-2008)

Isa Husin says: Naa.. 19th suda.. Happy birthday girl.. All da best n may God bless u.. 🙂 (Received: 12:18:05 19-Sep-2008)

Crest Soc says: Happy Birthday kak gee ^^ Comel2 selalu,stay young & wise ~~ Gbu owez. hugs & kisses, crest.. (Received: 12:28:19 19-Sep-2008)

Theresa Chalista says: Happy birthday Gee. God will bless u with ur new number. (Received: 02:13:00 19-Sep-2008)

Mark Dillon Garcia says: :-* heppY birthday sweetheart..love u so much! Miss u! >:D< cudle tite1.. Tbgn pla me.. Huagh ingatkn pagi da.. (Received: 03:38:37 19-Sep-2008)

Nate Joe says: Hepi bfday girlyen.. Gontua sdh u~ hehehe.. (Received: 07:03:00 19-Sep-2008)

Venancio Maccuirio Ismail says: Thanx u kakak.. Hepi brithday 2 u 2.. Ehe (Received: 07:55:39 19-Sep-2008)

Clarice Tony says: Morning bebeh..happy birthday..may ur dreams n hope come true..x celebrate ka?smile owez dear (Received: 08:39:00 19-Sep-2008)

Yvonne Li says: Happy birthday!!! (Received: 08:43:23 19-Sep-2008)

Syaedatul Zarina says: Vera hepy bday.Wish u all d best n may god bles u. (Received: 08:47:00 19-Sep-2008)

Norzianie Hj Maksin says: hepi birthday 2 u vera.hehe.sorry lambat n tada hadiah ya..jgn mara. (Received: 08:54:17 19-Sep-2008)

Lord Yok says: Heloo sumandak..bah..hapy b’day..aramai tie..hoho.. :8) (Received: 09:15:00 19-Sep-2008)

Nonie says: (Cake Graphic) Hapy bday. 🙂 (Received: 09:21:00 19-Sep-2008)

Rosley Fadly says: Happy bday to u..!50D coming to u..Bila ada duit aku..Smp bila2 pn tiada laa tu.. Adehh..Bagi hadiah serangkap pantun ja la ah..Haha..Hapy bday sis! (Received: 09:40:21 19-Sep-2008)

senQ says: In this wonderful and special day let senQ be part of your friends to wish you a very Happy and Enjoyable Birthday. (Received: 11:26:00 19-Sep-2008)

Prestie Palino Sambah says: Uii..Hpy bday!!!..Hehe..Baru sa nmpak d clender ni…Hehe (Received: 12:19:15 19-Sep-2008)

Jacyline Oris says: i WiSh..u r Fine, u r Happy Every Minute, Every Hour, Everyday!! HePi B’dAY! 🙂 (Received: 01:43:00 19-Sep-2008)

Aeron says: Bh happy b’day tambalut.. (Received: 02:11:23 19-Sep-2008)

Aldrian Kinajil & Disie Ambrose says: Happy birthday girl! From us dan n dc (Received: 05:16:20 19-Sep-2008)

Aunt Jiwi says: (Happy Birthday graphic) Happy bday god bless u owez (Received: 06:03:00 19-Sep-2008)

Cynthia says: Of all the smile u received today, there was a smile u didnt see.A smile not from the lips, but straight from the heart,a smile that came from me..=) Hpy brtdy (Received: 06:05:00 19-Sep-2008)

Jacqulyn Oris says: Amcm swak bestfren?hepi bday ah..pa present ko mo? (Received: 07:13:00 19-Sep-2008)

Sharlly Creyson says: Hi!Gee,hepy besday..2a uda ko..Hehe. (Received: 07:17:00 19-Sep-2008)

William Petrus says: Hope im not 2 let 2 wish u hepibeday. May god bles u @ family. (Received: 07:37:32 19-Sep-2008)

And more birthday wishes I get from SabahRhinos.Com, UndukNgadau.Com, friendster, facebook.. Thanks for the wishes and may our friendship will last forever! 😉

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