Misunderstood can happen among our friends, family, our partner in life or crime, everywhere you go because God create us with different mind setting even there are some similar thought we have among the people around you. Well, some people thought I look like “sombong”, “temberang” kind of one, like I’m an idiot, think i’m too smart kind of people, not respect people la, some also give some compliments like, you good, you charming, loving and all good and bad things you may judge on to me. No, it’s not like that. I accept what I am. I am not perfect, I know you are not perfect too so don’t judge other people while you do not know exactly who you are. It’s like insulting your own self. It’s like this; I’m shy, lack of confident, not so friendly, pitiful, not a fool, a straight forward, but not 100% straight because I don’t want to hurt other people heart as well unless they can accept it. Even they say they can accept it, they are some people just don’t understand the meaning of Accept. They just say it. “Saya Faham” “I know” But they still do the same thing which already been said that people don’t like. That is your Habit or Attitude. Who the hell don’t like to hang out with their friends? While you struggling at home ask your parent permission and your friends never try to understand it. Big girls still need parent permission. Although I tried to get away with it I just can’t, I’m a family daughter, my parent own me, whatever happen to me, they are responsible for it, we like it or not, that’s the facts. Unless you want your future kids treat bad like what you treat your parent before.. Remember that, we grow up and will have kids in the future except you want to be single forever. I go back from work, i always think, am I happy enough? What makes me not happy? I have legs, two beautiful hands with 10 fingers to type emails, blogs, and yet why should I think I’m not happy?

2 Comments on “Misunderstood..

  1. wahh…lawa touch up ko ni tau 🙂 dear ko tu, sa ka? sebab sa pun sakit perut tau daling? haha..anw, hope he will get better soon ya. dun worry …always be happy ya 🙂

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