Exhausted Week..

Aloha~ WhoaaH~ Last week was super busy! My assignment dateline on 26th, and I have no time to submit on the particular date! I hope they still can accept my assignment in softcopy, else I will send the hardcopy straight to KL. 24th night, my mom call me and ask whether I can join them to visit aki bongol (The late Mr Andrew Ambang Sabun) and also known as aki soborong.. He is one of my GreatGrandFather.. this is how the relation look like..

I never thought he tengah sakit tenat..in the mean time, I have other urgent task to do that nite, so I didn’t see him before his last breath. When mom fetch me that nite, I saw her eyes swollen.. Iknow something is wrong happening but I glad to hear that Aki still breathing until we reach home, we received calls informed that aki has gone. My tears burst down.. when I was a kid, I used to lari lari d sawah.. went to aki house.. minta kupi laa.. makan ruti laa.. that was innocent time.. and i missed the time.. The funeral was done on 27th September 2008, 12PM after prayers in St. John. Church. At the same time, I’m worried of my sick dear.. I keep worrying until I almost forgot SabahRhinos.com buka puasa gathering on that day. I even missed my class on Saturday.

Almost 4pm, I reach home and get some rest after the crying crying cyring the whole afternoon. Sometime we just cant take it, so let it go while you can. Suddenly my phone ringing, the time shows 6.30pm! OMG! I am so late for Buka Puasa dinner.. I grab my towel..take my bath and left home at 7pm..vrooom~~ Reach KK around 8pm.. all the members sudah kenyang makan.. so left me only laa belum.. so I sit about a second then take my meals.. hehe.. express.. what to do.. already late.. we talk about football, LFC, DSLR the whole nite, though we missed Liverpool vs Everton match but we are happy to know that LFC score 2-0! Yihaa! Go Liverpool! 😉 After dinner, we continue again take some fresh air at Horizon Cafe, Asia City Complex.

29 September 2008

Cough, Flu and Fever.. Yes.. of coz me jatuh sakit.. exhausted.. Real Sick Monday.. I left the office at 4pm and went to Klinik Menggatal our panel doctor. He gave me some medicine. And i realize that.. Life is Short and it is our responsible to take care our health.. it’s a gift from God..

30 September 2008

Today, as usual la.. bangun pergi kerja.. well.. a bit dizzy.. (drowsiness caused by medicine).. and also the last day of my dear friend/colleague/sibling to be Norzianie or i called Bibi.. I wish her best of luck and better future..Owh.. just want to share with you all.. I received one pack from Pos Laju this afternoon.. and yeah it was my Gucci bag.. hehe.. I dunno fake or not.. but it fit my laptop in it and i love the skarf.. even annoys me.. hehehe..

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