1st Day of Raya..

Selamat Hari Raya.. Kebaboom~ Sound of some people testing their “Meriam Buluh” which is dangerous but still famous in kampung kampung nowadays. I woke up late today…coz it’s holiday.. bangun jak.. terus check hp.. owh! My dear sudah buli sms.. huhu.. terus ask.. “Can I call dear?” He replied “Ba” Terus dail! So we chat about several minutes until his hp cells went off.. HUhuhu.. still missing him.. But senang hati laa sikit.. Bfast for this pagi.. is Maggi Ayam.. hehe.. mau stock untuk raya bah.. Ekeke.. so.. around noon.. get ready p melahap d rumah terbuka.. hehe.. 2pm Vroom~ Jalan.. Well, I went to 4 houses only for 1st raya.. 4 house only sudah bkin pecah perut woo! Eat lemang laa.. sate laa.. rendang.. urgh.. byk lagi laa..

House number 1 : This is my uncle house, my dad punya abang..(stepbrother – paling tua la kira dalam ni adik beradik tiri)

House number 2 : I’m not quite sure but they said adik beradik sepupu juga la.. hehehe.. yang penting saudara..

House number 3 : Errr.. this is.. ipar mentua sepupu.. (@_@) paning.. sodara laa jugak..

House number 4 : This is my friend house.. Ezzuriane aka Ezzu..
Should go for house number 5.. But unfortunately, one of my friend couldn’t make it and my mum tidak kasi chan p sampai sana.. I should be at Aya @ Fimma house at Tuaran.. but.. never mind.. mana tau tomorrow still got chance.. hehe… dia janji mau bagi me kuih~ Hehehe.. self collect at her office nanti..  Thanks for the invitation~! I’m looking forward to Noy house juga dis Friday.. See u there..

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