4th of Raya

Raya raya raya~ Yes.. The forth of Raya, and still I get other invitation for it.. Thanks to Al for inviting me to his house.. Very sayang no Avie aka Fatimah the 2nd around.. Never mind.. kamiurang kasi habis itu mihun guring and kuih lapis!

Around 11am.. I go downstairs thought of washing my dad’s car, mau pinjam p tempat si Al la ba ni kunun, by the time I moved the car a bit further, my mum ternampak minyak di lantai.. then i try to smell.. oh no.. the brake oil leaks.. Not again!!

So.. i ask help from dad to fix it.. and they he goes.. teach me how to use the car jack.. But after that.. aunt Betty calls us for her rumah terbuka.. hippy.. run run to her house.. ngam betul sya belum lagi breakfast.. ngah ngah…!

Pening perut sya makan sana.. after take my medicine.. ngantuk laa pla.. i set my alarm 2.30pm so tak terlajak tidur for Al’s open house.. wake pla ngam2 3pm.. I dunno whether my alarm did sound or I said I set it up but forgot to activate it.. Anyway.. sempat juga la p tempat Al.. reach there.. ramai dah yang sampai.. Macam me pla kena tunggu.. baru kna serve air.. hehehe.. p dapur.. Makan! Unique tau, raya no rendang, no curry, i feel like i’m in New Zealand beraya.. hahah.. menu dia special woo!

Me agak terdiam sikit laa.. coz.. like surprises.. i never know that Al’s live in such huge house.. his dad looks like Hollywood star! And the menu was.. wargh.. simple but sadap!! And.. it’s Al birthday today! Happy birthday Al Hambra.. Makan lebih skit.. kurus sangat woo…we have a little chit chat and last but not least group photo.. wuuu..

P/s: Al and Roy, don’t forget to cascade to us the pictures ok?? Free bah kan kawan kawan 😉
So.. that’s all for today.. 7.00pm left Al’s house.. sampai rumah.. about 8pm Good night! Tomorrow is Sunday.. Need to sleep early for Sunday Mass.. God Bless~

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