DSLR dilemma..again..

Congratulation Vera, you have won our Photo Contest and win the new Nikon D90!” Yes! I am dreaming! Huhuhu.. this thing called SLR is killing me every night.

So I jumped into http://www.digitalwise.com.my if they selling this thing (what the heck I am! looking a DSLR in computer shop!) U know laa.. I’m addict to PC stuff too~ So, I ask my fren to drop at DigitalWise at Wawasan Plaza and buy one external harddisk for me.. Maxtor 250Gb.. (I dunno why I suddenly thought of buy this external harddisk while i’m under pressure with DSLR budget.. oh CrAp~)

10 Comments on “DSLR dilemma..again..

  1. only one solution i can think for your dilemma… “Go buy a dslr now”.. hehehe… so u won’t think about it over and over again.. hehhehe.. :p

  2. Agree with isa… buy a DSLR and you will be happy for… forever lah… or atleast until u found a new and canggih one, then u can start ur dilemma. Ahaks…Mimang bah tu, kalau uda ada benda yang ,mo di beli, ada saja halangan yang cuba mo menggangu kita dari mo beli.. nda pa… sia sukung ko… BELILAH DSLR… Jan beli benda len… wekekekekekeke

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