Dinner with Disie and Friends..

Aldrian called me in the afternoon ask me to go out that night. I remember his wife called me 2 days before about inviting me to a dinner with them. So happen I stay in Telipok Ria that day, then I agree with him to go out. Kesian, they had to bersesat just to fetch me at Telipok Ria. (Sorry to trouble you two) but with all the effort and hopes they manage to get me and heading to Seafood Garden at Sembulan. Disie ordered too much dish and I just can’t stop eating. I try to recall the menu that night but I can’t remember well. Thanks to Disie for the great dinner and Aldrian for the good laught and both of u for taking me to this dinner. You two are the best couple I ever had. God bless you and may you have a prosperous life throughout the year and the future.

From left (front – back), Yvonne, Disie, Aldrian, Veralyn, Roy, Max, Benny, Dengkos.


It was self timer with double capturing mode, so the candid picture always be the best shot.


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