18 October 2008

The day we lost our beloved father..

To my friends who didn’t get the chance to know my father better, I would like to give some introduction here.

Real Name: Ismail Julin
Christian Name: Valentine
Others: Joning, Mail, Mayun..
Born: 24th July 1964
Origin: Kg. Tampulan, Telipok, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Siblings: Son of the late Julin Damit & Gobida. (banyak bah adik beradik dorang ni..tapi yang sama bapa sama mama, 3 jak, kakak daddy baru meninggal tahun lalu, tinggal adik perempuan lagi la.. sma adik beradik tiri yang lain)
Occupation: Operation Manager, Timplas Industries Sdn Bhd, KKIP, KK, Sabah.
Left: One beloved wife (My mother, Winee @ Winnie Elap, 44, Me, Veralyn Marcie, 23, and my brothers, Vittorio Mario, 17, and Venansio Maccuirio, 16, – i’m not sure if I spell it right) and our stepbrother, Oneal Ismail, 24.
Hobbies & Interest: Hunting, Create stupid jokes (just like me), Working (he is a workaholic), pungut barang barang terpakai..
Skills: Piping, Mechanical (automotive), he is a super dad, he can fix eveything! Our house is made by him and all the interior part as well. We saves a lot of money for the house renovation.
He’s not: Smoking, Drinking alcohol, ego..
He is highly: Humble, patient, kind and respect each others.

Penghormatan terakhir

There are some huge changes before he left us and knock ourself that we should have known the sign! During raya holiday, he join the seminar at St. Paul, I’m not sure what is the purpose, if I’m not wrong, it’s about Pembaharuan Karismatik Katolik.. Which he never like to join this kind of religious thingy, or never do it for his own purpose. That’s the first time my late daddy go for a religious activity. (Normally, he is a person who only go to the church if insisted, once on Easter and once on Christmas day only) Bah.. kami pun terkejut la kan.. tiba tiba jak mau pigi seminar ni.. But we allow him la.. it’s a Good Thing bah for us.. The Calling.. Raya start.. bulan rosary pun starts.. Again, he brings my mom to join the commitee p rosary rumah ke rumah.. Wahh.. even that we didn’t see the sign yet.. till the day he get stroke.. we realized that he is ready.. but we ain’t ready! However, this is life, people may come and go.. Apa apa pun.. thanks to all of u who always here to support us. May God bless you all..

Rest In Peace Daddy.. We all loves you..

8 Comments on “18 October 2008

  1. Condolences to you girllyen. I know it’s hard to accept when you lost someone who is close to you. Be strong. I’ve been there, just a month ago when i lost the one who raised me since i was a little kid. My grandfather. Yah… your situation is the hardest, i know… but i guess, the pain of losing someone you love and someone close is something you want to get rid quickly. For the record, i’m still shock with the passing of my grandfather… Whatever it is, Be patient, be strong and keep on praying. May his soul rest in peace. May God Bless you…

  2. all this things happened macam u cannot believe right? and at the hospital u really wish there is a miracle to happen..hee..i’ve been there 4 years ago..dun worry he went to a better place..i’m sure wut he wants from u now is to take a good care of ur mummy and move on with ur life..*blog hoping*

  3. hai girl…. am not a person best in words… but i understand ur feeling right now…. i hope u be strong & patient…. hey remember u hv others you love to take care kan… so take care of ur self k…May God bless u n family….

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