Great Wisdom

Dear Veralyn Marcie, this is your I Ching for Sunday, October 26th:

Ta Chuang: Great wisdom,
Now you have the opportunity to obtain your desires and reach your aims. Nothing is impossible as inside you there is great strength and you are fully aware of this. But beware: avoid over-confidence or arrogance and be sure you are always in the right.

See you tomorrow.

I open my mail today and I received my daily I-Ching, (Nor yang pengaruh sya benda benda gini.. which is fun and coincidence betul kadang kadang laa..) We are not fully believe what this free services so called Astrology thingy said, but sometime it does motivate us on how to handle life like what is happening now. Boleh la kan.. Anyway, I’m getting better now, my mom pun can accept the truth of life already. Memories will remain in our heart, but our life still have to move on. Just like the commercial said. Shell.. Made To Move.. Ekeke.. NO joke..

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