A Gift From Heaven: Nikon D90

The Secret Box – Surprise~
I wake very early today, not quite, I wake about 6am and run to the bathroom and take a cold shower. A bit dizzy, probably I’m still under pressure with the tyre last night. I sms to William and asked if he could let me a lift to depot after I send up the car to SK Tyre, mile 7, Jln Tuaran, Inanam (my previous workplace and favourite service centre ever). He’s agreed and I straight away heading to the shop. I trust them so I just left my car with them and told them that I will take it after office hour. Arrived depot, I have planned what to do today since last night, so less stress than before. I finished all my important task of the day. I have been waiting my “long waiting dilemmas” today.

This took me a long breath to open..

Guess what, my dream come true! I am the next owner of Nikon D90! Wihuuu! Thanks to my best business partner. Without you, I won’t be happy like now. You know who you are.

Shocking Me
For real!

Yes, it’s a gift from heaven. 🙂 Just enjoy the picture of my new baby born Nikon D90 comes away from Shashinki.Com.

The lucky box
Fresh From The Box!

Disadvantage: No Bag!

Owh, I forgot, my car siap sudah kena service, and it cost me only RM103.75 with the service of Change Oil Engine, filter, Wheel Alignment, and other services. And I found RM50 cash! Tak percaye? Ask Isa.. Hehe.. I plan to leave the money, but probably it Just My Luck.. 😉 Thanks be to God..


How I wish my dad can see this..

15 Comments on “A Gift From Heaven: Nikon D90

  1. hehehe.. congrats..welcome to the darkside.. sy tidak bertanggunghjawab di atas decision saudari memilih nikon D90 ah.. kekekeke.. ;p

  2. waaaaaaaaa ko pun mau jadi photographer la ni…ala serba salah la sa ni mau choose sapa nanti klu sa kahwin tukang ambil gambr ni..hahhahaha..disie ka?roy ah>hhmm atau si girl??wakkakakkaka

  3. Welcome to the club!!! Wakakaka… although i am not a NIKON user (more to CANON lah) tapi it’s great to have a new fren, owing her own dSLR!!!! Yeah Congrats!!!Sia pun ikut si isa… sia nda bertanggungjawap keatas ‘pemilikan’ sebuah D90 anda… Wakakakaka… buli lah outing ramai-ramai ni ambil gambar!!! Yeah!!!

  4. cilakakkkkkkkkk ~ in a good way of course.. eheheheh D90 kah babe?? Ish I hate you. I really do! 🙂

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