Busy! Busy! Busy!

My body is weak, I have blistered mind, and I forgot when is my last laundry! I might sound like I am the only person in the world who hate the word busy. All right I am not. Let just assume that I am enjoying my life so far. Be grateful what I have and learn to be more stronger in the heart of a small lady like me. (Bluffing la.. where got I’m small..) Nothing excited happen in the my life this week, probably some bad communication with my dear lately, well, distance relationship is like that. Especially when you have so many friends and he keep asking where are you, what are you doing, how you going there, but you do not have much time to reply all the sms. (suggestion from friends and family.. cepat lah kahwin.. tot kahwin like go to kedai mamak and done?! That ridiculous! ) Put the personal thingy aside first because I prefer not to talk about it in public because no matter what happen, I love my dear so much! (and I really do! Sorry guys, i’m so in love with him)
Kampung Tampulan
Guess, which one is my house (took from the Library)

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

I’m rushing home. No emergency at home but I have been waiting to capture sunset from my kampung that afternoon. So I drop a message to my BFF “Adiq jangan dulu balik, nanti sya mau tangkap sunset” Unfortunately, her internet down on that day and the people come after office hour to fix it! What a day, wrong timing pals. I like it or not, I ended shooting in her library. Huhuhu..
Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Tampulan
The Library
Exclusive picture of my BFF (adiq..jangan mareh..)

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Mum is using the car today and I just wait her after work. I look at my watch, 5.36pm and staring at the sky, yes, shooting time. Straight away sms BFF “Adiq, hari ini boleh tangkap sunset” and she replies “Bah, mana ko?” My heart was jumping and can’t wait reaching home. I run to the library and alert to her “Capat..Capat.. Capat” Hahaha..! ROTL! And yes. I took some but the sunset was not a superb one for me. Thanks to uncle Lawrence residence. The view is from their house.
Sunset from uncle Lawrence house

I would like to add up somemore here, but I have other event need to do. Last night was blasting, uncle Lawrence invited me to join the 25th FCM dinner. Will drop some picture and the stories later. *Wink*
Commercial Break – My Cat named Garfil

2 Comments on “Busy! Busy! Busy!

  1. hello Garfil Cat.Greetings from New Zealand, you can look at my 2 cats on Glennis’s other blog. Or read my stories and photos of Langkawi on the langkawi blog.

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