FSM 25th Anniversary

FSM or stands for Federation of Sabah Manufacturer celebrating their 25th Anniversary in Magellan, Sutera, KK on last friday, 7th November 2008. My company was not invited but I was lucky because uncle Lawrence drop me a call and ask me to join them since one of his colleague could not make it that night. I ask my mom for an opinion and then I agree with him. I have no idea where are we going until we reach there and saw the stage.

3 Ladies
3 sweet ladies – KKIP Sdn Bhd (my ex colleague during my practical)

I can’t recall how many type of dish we have that night but I am full! Gracefully thank God as we received!

Starter: The combinations of Four

The Cake of the Night

Beside good food, we also entertained by some cultural dance by KK High School and great performance from the Comedy Court..

Peacock Dance

Comedy Court
Alvin and Indi – Comedy Court

Too bad, I am so sleepy right now and I have limited space in my mind now. Just wish you a good day ahead. Good night!

Me and Hazel (uncle Lawrence’s daughter)

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