Quantum of Solace – We hits the cinema

As a working class lady, I enjoy many privileges in almost 2 and a half years of service in my company. Beside all the luxury gift, the super delicious dinner and some happy hour sessions for the several months, the committee come up an idea by sending a 2 ticket free for each of the staff to watch Quantum of Solace last week (8th November 2008). First I choose Adiq to come with me but she seem not interested with it so I try my luck on Lelen, but sadly she is working on the particular date, so I ask my dear’s sister to go with me. She thought of studying but after my “pujuk rayu” she had to agree with me. Hehehe.. sorry sis, hope your exam not affected by my “pujuk rayu”. The movie was super action for the beginning, but Mr Craig was not the Mr Bond with casanova act like those bond movies during my grandma’s time. I give 4 star for the movie though.

From left, Bobby, Collin, August & Mizi

They book half of the cinema

The movie starts at 2.15pm, but we were been asked to gather near the counter at 1.30pm. However, after short telecon with the organiser we have 20mins to have our lunch before collect our tickets. So I bring my cousin, Bino and Dod, and my future sister in law (giggles) to Hong Kong Recipe Restaurant (hope I name it right) at the ground floor.

Hong Kong Style

After the movies end, there are some lucky draw and I was not lucky that day! (sigh.. how come I didn’t get one of the bond’s car) The grand prize is the Bond Bag.. (it looks like a toolbox — with a jealous sound)

Grand Prize Winner – James Bond Bag

August handshake

James Bond
James Bond Rocks!

With the unlucky feeling, I received sms from Noy and heading to Yogur Berry located in front of Giant store basement. I order mix fruit yogurt (i think — in doubt) We have a short chat and suddenly I get a call from Mr BG ask to accompany him to get something to eat. Meanwhile, I sms Neena that we are heading to New York New York to meet her up as well.

Yogur Berry
Yogur Berry

Noy & Moy
Aren’t they very photogenic?

Neena and Jason are nice couple and sporting type of friends. I love their kind hearted and humble style. Actually, I cannot recall whether we close each other or not but for sure we in the same batch in our first communion at St. John Church, Tuaran in the year of 1995. After a long time, we are gathered and enjoy the food from heaven in NYNY again. Both of them are sweet couple and I wondering am I going to be like them as well? Happily ever after? Yes, why can’t we? Right dear? (I know you’re reading my blog but never comment anything..)

Small Gathering
Small Gathering with Neena & Jason

Another Food
Sorry, I lost my memory

Time is running too fast and in a nick of time we have finished our food and the day turn dark from the outside. I have a good day and hope to meet some of my long lost friends again. I love you all. Thanks for making my day brighter. God bless you!

Me and Michelle
Michelle (future sister in law?) and myself

Neena & Girl
Girlneena – hehee.. sounds good also..

2 Comments on “Quantum of Solace – We hits the cinema

  1. wah… pinya siok ada tikit free…? cuba kamu plan for free ‘melancong’ tiket… pigi bali kah, shenzen ka… wekekekekeke.So how was quantum of solace? is it much better than the last time? i am not a movie goers so mimang sia nda update pasal movie nie. wekekekeke

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