Only me in pictures

Since I have new baby (D90), I have less pictures of my own. 😦 Anyway, I missed the Prima Vista performance last night. I have 2 ticket given by Olumis, but I pass to Heanz to bring his girlfriend and watch them. I heard the show was blasting! At least, I am not wasting the ticket without sending anyone to watch them. Probably some of you asking, why din you come? Well, in conjuction of Sumpitz birthday, actually it was my mom’s birthday too.. 🙂 She is 44 years old now and I know she hate me for a short surprise on this year’s birthday. Mummy, I am sure that Daddy will be happy for the surprises too.. please don’t hate me for that. I love you mom..

Mummy and I
Happy Birthday Mummy

In the mean time, my grandma’s youngest brother will get married this saturday, 22 November, so the gotong royong menghias rumah has started, manage to get some videos and pictures last night but I only want to post my pictures now. Hahahah! Girllyen yang kekurangan gambar sendiri.. hehe..

YNWA – Liverpool FC! :p

Oyo and I
I can’t even hug him! Angkol Oyo, I can hide behind you!

I need some energy, those green can are not mine!

Nescafe or Indocafe?

This is what happen when you drink indocafe in nescafe mug!

So tired now, a picture before sleeping. Am I standing or sleeping?

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