Tagged Games : 7 Favourite Car

I was reading Marc blog and I found my name on it.. Berani ko tag sy!! Ok so, this is my 7 favourite car.. Ngam untuk character sya.. The game should be like this..

1. Some introduce please.. 😀
2. Add a link to the person who tagged you – I got tagged by Marc – KadusVille
3. List your 7 dream cars (preferably with pics of those cars) – Google saja bah..
4. Tag at least 7 other bloggers – okay..sya mau tag si Bobby, Ramesh, Tompok, Gidong, Nel, Clarice, PS – hahaha.. main hantam sija ni.. siou laa..

Favourite Car Number 7 (start dari Level desperate dulu)

Suzuki – Senang mau parking, bagus kalau pigi dating.. tiada alasan orang lain buli kacau daun.. sebab 2 seat saja.. LIMITED! :p
Favourite Car number 6 (Level kurang mampu)

BMW 3 series – Putih menawan kalbu tapi berangan cukup la..
Favourite Car number 5 (Level mungkin tapi mustahil)

Audi R8 with free guard by IronMan – Hehehe..

Favourite Car number 4 (Insanity getting wider)

You want to challenge me? I want to grab Camel Trophy bah..

Favourite Car number 3 (This is ridiculous!)

I know, it’s illegal for me.. Just a favourite..

Favourite Car number 2 (Enough, you driving me mad)

Carrera GT? Idiot! Mahal bah tu!

Favourite Car number 1 (OK.. now back to normal)
I always admire DMAX Limited Edition.. Dunno bila lah mampu bili tu..

Sudah.. balik p kerja.. Bikin stress ni..

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