More Pictures To Come

It’s been quite sometimes I’m away to London.. (In my dream!) I’m just have a “Family Hours” for the couple of days, and tonnes of reports which I need to get done before the end of 2008! Like usual, I prefer to show some pictures for you to have a look and have a clearer picture what have I’ve done these days starts from the wedding day. (I thought of posting all the pictures but seem I do not have much time as I only have 1 hour for my lunch break, will continue posting again by tonight or the day after)

Jaitoh & Ainie

The arrival of Bride & Groom

We are cousin
From left: Nadia, Girllyen, Effi, Bell and his friend

Another cousins

DaOne yang sumbung

On Sunday, 23 Nov 08, after accompany my mum to send my brother back to Keningau at the KK Terminal, singgah sekejap melawat “tamu kecil” di kampung.. Take a picture and go home..

Aramai 2
Cerita Copot & Ciput

Monday, 24 Nov 08, attended Rimula Night (the event of the year that people always waited for) Went there, took pictures, dine and go home.

rimula nite
Rimula Night 2008

Model of the night

I never wanna missed a shot..

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