Riza Bistro Bad Services

Location: Riza Bistro, Grd Floor, Hotel Juta, around KK.
Date: 18 Dec 2008
Time: 1pm Sharp

Well, I don’t have enough time to blog about this but I should share some pictures that I snapped during our last luncheon when I was on leave and have a walk with Nattelim . I had uploaded a short video in my facebook account and to those who have not a Facebook account here are the version from YouTube.

On 18 Dec 2008, Nattelim and I were accidentally on leave so Eleanor come up a plan to have a luncheon with us at Corn’s territory aka near Corn’s workplace. First, I was advised by Eleanor that we will take our lunch at other restaurant, but ended to Riza Bistro. As usual, we are loud and full of laughter without any intention to get attention. Hmm.. No intention to get attention. Nice phrase.

The food in Riza Bistro restaurant not bad, the roti planta taste so good as what Natt and Angela tasted. The only problem was the services. Should banned the workers from working. They act like we come and irritating their business. Hello, we come to eat and pay our meals, weren’t we good? Kasi maju business bah! There was two waitress really made us disappointed, one, she asked our order like we can’t decide what we should eat, two, the other girl made us felt like we should not re-order another good food. Teruk oo!! If you see the expression, u might think of leaving from the premise and banned for life.

Biarpun teruk, banyak juga gambar yang sya tangkap laa.. hehe.. Sorry girls.. 😉 It just me.

Dialog again
Cheap Dialog by me

Teh Tarik
Look at the waitress, not even smiling!

Okay, they are not gossiping

Yea, only Natt look at me..

Ya.. dorang la ni paling kuat ketawa..

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