A night before Christmas 2008

The child
Or in other words, Christmas Eve. I’m working during the day so I will only talk about what I had done at the night. Traditionally, we went to Sunset Mass at Chapel St. Petrus, in my kampung Tampulan. There were quite a number of people attend Christmas Eve prayer that night. I wore a white skirt and a new blouse which I bought from POSE boutique two weeks ago. The prayer should start at 7pm, but due to some problem we only manage to start at 7.30pm. I never been informed that I was the second reader that night, so I took about 10minutes to read the my verse before the prayer start.

The People
Our Humble Chapel St. Petrus, Tampulan.

After mass, there were some rehersal for the upcoming Christmas party at Mr Lawrence residence on 26th December 2008. We have several activities on that day and one of it is the singing contest. Our keyboardist, Mr Vetelius had to tune the participant voice with the keyboard melody before the big day so that everything will be going smooth on that particular date. Around 9.30pm, we left the chapel and home safely.

Salam damai
Peace Be with You All
My Brother
The black shirt is my brother

The Children

AdiQ & Girllyen 😉

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