Love will always be Loved


I was doing my new year task, and so it happen my dear was online tonight. So, we have a short chat through Yahoo Messenger and I ask him whether he want to have a look or edit into my new planning for the year 2009. I knew what the outcome will be but I thought maybe he want to add something serious this time. And the result is, yes, Love will always talks about Love.

After Him

Maybe that’s why friends is so important so we can talk about other things. Anyway, thanks for making my day dear. Love you so much. This is what he says while I’m updating this post.

my dear: hee
my dear: dear??
my dear: way od u?
girllyen: mau update blog before sleep..
my dear: zz
my dear: limpas da jadual
my dear: hehe’

Hehehe.. 2009 baru start bah my dear..

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