My Christmas 2008

Wake up around 8am, alarmed by my beloved mummy, I have a morning personal prayer before heading to the bathroom. After a warm shower, I heard my scolding my brothers because sleep late last night which effect their super lazy mood to wake in the morning. How I wish daddy still here. He will be the one who support mummy to wake them up so no chaos in the morning. My youngest brother is better than the older one, the elder brother always end up like he knows everything and he act like he is the only man who know the world better. His ego is killing me! My mum always cry because of him! And he never felt guilty about it. Maybe yes but he never change the attitude. Without mummy, he would not be in this world. I curse himself of being the rudest child in our family. Please give some respect to your own mother. I bet his life will be more miserable if my mummy not around.

After a moody morning, we ended going to Telipok Ria (Grandma House) without my elder brother. If he really want to stay at home, he should not go out that day but I know he already influenced by his bad friends to be what he want to be. He know to smoke and never understand what Family means which I failed to understand him as well. What I know he only can do bad things rather be a successful person. I wish he reads this but I strongly believe that he never have time for this even he always borrow my broadband to surf the internet.

We celebrate our Christmas at Telipok Ria, mummy cooks some dishes and we did enjoy the relatives visits. Thanks to all who coming. I missed you dad..

My Blue Dress bought @ POSE Boutique, some say I look slimmer in this dress, I just love whatever I buy from POSE Boutique 😉

My uncle and aunt haha..

Uncle Aunt
My uncle aunt cont..

Telipok Ria
Merry Christmas to all..

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