Last Post For The Year 2008

I never want to missed my last post for the year as well. Before I heading to my bestfriend house, I would like to wrap up my 2008 with thousand apology to all my family and friends out there. If there are some action or words that I may hurt your feelings, please forgive me, believe me, I have no intention to hurt you and I am very apologize, please forgive me and may God bless your kindness.

There are too many things happen in 2008 and some are good and some are bad, some brings happiness, some bring pain but the greatest of all, I learn that our life must go on, whatever happen, you are responsible with your own life. Never blame to other when everything it’s in your hand. If I say, I don’t have any option to decide what to do. Well, if you said you have no option to do what you want to do, then the option that you have chose was not to do the thing you should do. Confused isn’t it? Well, life is complicated, but if you learned about it, the knowledge will bring you the meaning of life.

At Noy’s Engagement Day

I may not good in explaining but whatever I type out, come out from my little red heart. Goodbye 2008, welcome 2009.

* A little prayer for my late daddy, hope you rest in peace. I love you dad..

4 Comments on “Last Post For The Year 2008

  1. Tigerlily, c girl ni peminat setia nasi ayam sri pinang bah.. hehe.. happy new year girl.. 🙂

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