My 1st Post for the year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009, finally, but we only start the 2009 year. Some people say what is so special to celebrate the new year? Same thing bah, just like the month changing. Some people celebrating with the family, friends, their loved ones, all in happier mode but I bet there are some people is suffering during the day. Have a little prayer for the people who really need attention, some love, like the war happen throughout the world, disasters, we should not forget them! Amen.

Like everyone, I did enjoy my new year eve not in the club this time (which I plan to..hehe..)but with my family at my BFF house. We have BBQ, Advent Child Exchange Gift, Karaoke Session and much more. Share some pictures with you all. My new resolution for the year of 2009.

1) Improve my time management – blog/photography (need to put into my task this year)
2) Save more money (maybe save RM500 per month in ASB)
3) Sleep more
4) Exercise more, eat less
5) Do more charity this year

For those who don’t have any resolution this year, wish you all the best throughout the year!

The kids sing Pudar by Rossa

Some lihing session

My Advent Child
I’m with my Advent Child – Sharlena

The BlastAfter the countdown – I run before I get wet

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