Friendship or Friendshift?

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Do you still remember when you are still a little kid, play with other children in a playground? Have you missed your induction week during high school? Remember the time when Saturdays were all about your friends? Chill out in a coffee shop or ‘mamak’ stall for a cup of ‘teh tarik’ talking about the handsome guy pass your table with a wink and catch your attention? Do you realized that we making new friends everyday?


While making new friends, would you like to lose your old friends? As we getting older, we all intend to change our lifestyle, from a high school teenager, to a serious student, casual part time worker, and maybe a professional by now. You like it or not, you will meet new people and slowly leave your best friends, without you realizing it. Some are intentionally leave but most of them were not, like me! I never neglected my friends, I love all my friends as how Jesus love his children, but I am not Jesus, I am one of his children and we all shared the same status. Children of God. Satan best friends too!

Paris & Girl

Friendship is like a telephone conversation. The conversation begin with a simple ‘hi’ and always ended with ‘bye’. Often return calls. Unless the contact number change, then you lost contact! Notice that I have been meeting all my old friends this few weeks not by their ages but the period of time. I learn that, no matter how far you go and lost urself in the jungle, I am sure you will find your way back home. And the home will make sure you are protected from the sun and rain. Did I sound scary tonight? Too much ‘flower line’ for me. I just tried to get the picture how a friendship look like. No one want to be alone for the whole life isn’t it?

Me Lelen
carol n me

I had a big fight last night, not quite, it is not a fight but some miscommunication with my dear which almost to an end. Glad, I still manage to control my anger and think at the bright side. Last night takes me into a wider mind of thinking. Why we always can’t tolerate with our boyfriend? Look at ur best friends, sometime can be irritating. There will be one who always be there for you, but once they moved to another place or maybe starts their study, no more sms or even calls, they, who never forget ur birthday suddenly missed and only remembered after saw your little celebration birthday party pictures in Facebook or Friendster. But do you pissed off and kick them out? You may mumbling, grumble a little but reply with ‘it’s ok bah’, ‘I understand’.

Love Me

In a relationship, friendship rules should apply in love. The only problem I experienced was, when you treat him like a friend, he might treat you like his friends too. Despite off the kissing part and pampering moment, he still treat you like ‘I can take care of myself in the future’ and forgot about the ‘commitment’ of being together! Soulmate? Dead! I am confused when talks about relationship but this is happening. You try to make things right, but always ended with failure and frustration. Life is not a rehersal, whatever step you make will be the path where you will be going. You can’t turn back and say, owh sorry, I took the wrong way.

Dear Me

To all my beautiful and gorgeous friends, sorry for being irritating and annoying all the time. Time is damn expensive nowadays and I just cant afford to share with all of you. Believe me, all of you will remain in my heart, Always, Never Forgotten. Love, Girllyen.


3 Comments on “Friendship or Friendshift?

  1. Girl. I’m sorry for being irritating and a pain in the neck at times too. *sobsob*

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