Just For Laugh

I just want to share with you all with one of the picture I took last night where I feel funny with Bino and Len act in the picture. They remind me of the cartoon Cow and Chicken.. And I really edit them into one of the cow & chicken wallpaper here. Hahahahahahahahah! Gosh.. I’m very sorry guys. I have no intention to ruin ur reputation. If you feel humilated, let me know and I will delete this post immediately, but I think this is way too cool for me. Hope you don’t mind. Seriusly, this is an ART only? Okay?

Dance 1

They remind me of this..

Dance 2

Just Dance.. gonna be okay.. dududumm.

Dance 3

Ok.. i know it’s not funny.. but you two make me laugh and I almost lost my voice today!

4 Comments on “Just For Laugh

  1. Wakakakakakakkakakaka. Punya cool!!!!!!!!!! You got show me this picture in Rumba! Seriously kan Girl, Cow & Chicken is like my favourite cartoon when I was still obsessed with Cartoon Network! alalalala. Ko nih. Nanti sy blanja ko pizza yang jual di bakery tu ah. Yay!

  2. Len.. i heard jesselton hotel sell this nice pizza in a very affordable price ni.. inden.. apa sudah tu yg ko bagi tau sya tu hari? HahahaH! I want pizza! 😀

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