So Saturday – Finally

As promised, our date having breakfast at the restaurant in front of the All Saint’s school accomplished. To Eleanor & Cornelia, sorry for making you all waiting, I woke up early but I didn’t expect some ‘morning extra wishes’ on that day. You know what I mean, at least I woke you all up! Haha.. I am not going to elaborate more on what I did yesterday, only some points before I share pictures below.

Around 7-9 : Date with the girls, attended, Eleanor, Cornelia, Inden and I..
Around 9-2.30 : Continue walk with Inden, went to Menara Jubilee, Wisma Merdeka look for new glasses but ended buying dress, Wisma Karamunsing
Around 2.30 – 3.30 : Meet Cikgu Matlan Daraim, my former Lukisan Kejuruteraan teacher when I was in Teknik Likas, and concidently meet Gidong, Bobby and Roy.
Around 3.30 – 5.00 : Still in Karamunsing, walk to the toilet and look for black belt but didn’t found one, and go home.
Around 5.00 – 9.30 : At home, resting at Telipok Ria (Grandma’s house), sms and sleep a while.
Around 9.30 – 2.00 : Way to Rumba Grill and Bar, Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu with Bino and Melvin. Meet up with Derrick, Velarry, Cornelia, Eleanor, Inden, Sing Yee and Onot.

There were some of my ‘first time’ while I was enjoying yesterday.

First Time no 1: Park at Shopping Mall, I never parked the car inside a shopping mall, seriusly.
First Time no 2: Get out early in the morning just to meet up my girlfriends.
First Time no 3: Walk from 6 – 6!! 12 hours walking! Ok? I’m tired yet fun and memorable.
First Time no 4: Club without touch up, no make up, only lip gloss.
First Time no 5: Eat at Rumba. Hehe..

It was a memorable night, I enjoy myself and hope you all enjoy your night too. After this, I had to say sorry that I could not join the fun for 2-3 months, my class will start next week. Please don’t seduce me with all your sweet words ok? Hahah! This is a warning. :p :p

kedai kopi seng long
The Breakfast Crew

Camwhore at kedai kopi

I was there ok?

So you two just woke up?

She tried all the glasses but ended buying a dress?

While we having lunch at RCH.. guess who we met?

Ya..ya.. it’s Gidong, Bobby and Roy

Tacos @ Rumba – super delicious

After 2 hours waiting for Derrick.. u’re late..

Some observation..

Ladies First..

And then the Gentlemen..

Line up everyone… hei! Where is Onot??!!

6 Comments on “So Saturday – Finally

  1. Wakakakak. Ya I just woke up and were there super early bahh. I even had to re-do my hair when I recahed office. I look so not professional Hahaha.

  2. Wakakakak. Ya I just woke up and were there super early bahh. I even had to re-do my hair when I recahed office. I look so not professional Hahaha.

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