Late Night Movies – Bedtime Stories

1) 1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
2) Alam Mesra, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
3) Mc Donald, Shell Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Date/Time: 16th January 2009 (09:00 PM) – 17th January 2009 (03:00AM)

I think it’s time to reduce rumba moment. Hahaha, u know what I mean. So, we come up with an idea to watch movies together at 1Borneo, who are we? Well, me, Sharon aka Inden and her niece, Eleanor aka Len, Cornelia aka Corn, Derrick aka Boboy, Preastie aka Bino and his sweetheart Julieta aka Ondong and Melvin aka Ben. Velarry aka Yeye should come but maybe he’s busy at that time so we just go on even we wait him until late night movies. The movie start at 9.15pm, but due to some circumtances, we decided to watch 11.20pm shows.


While waiting, we went to Best Eyewear at lower ground, they promote some good deals for the lover glasses and lens. So cheap you know. No kidding, glasses and sunglasses, all in (lens & frames), price range from 138-168 only. Hei.. you better go if you wish to have one. The promotion last until further notice. πŸ™‚ I bought 3 boxes of lens which cost me Rm120.


Inden’s niece is a kacukan girl, and very friendly also! I was talk about the 6 years old girl. Hehe.. very funny when she was arguing about how she sweating because of too much talking while we were not. We sat at McD having this arguement. She was drinking hot milo, maybe that’s why she was sweating. After several hours, we went up again to buy our tickets.


So, 9 tickets overall. We booked the whole row. There was one more extra chair which should be Yeye on it. The movie was super gila laa, I was sitting next to Eleanor and Inden’s niece. And we laugh out loud. So sorry with the other movie watcher, we were too loud. Hahaha.. Adam Sandler rocks! Len and I learn how to speak British after the movie ends. Syok!


Not home yet after the movie end. We were trying to look for a toilet, somebody cannot tahan liao. Tapi all closed, even some of the exit door closed! We tried to look for supper at Alam Mesra, but the last cafe also just about to close. Macam kami unwelcome ba. Poor us. So, ended to McD at Shell Sulaman. I had hot milo and fries only. Guess who join us supper? Zack Jr aka Onot. We had fun and no one sober that night. Looking forward more activities like this πŸ™‚


Every moment, there will be my favourite pic, and again Corn was the chosen one! πŸ˜‰



9 Comments on “Late Night Movies – Bedtime Stories

  1. wwweeee~~i had so much fun that night tho dlm kepala sia balik2 “uinaaa…malas mo p kl. blum pack lagi. mau bangun awal lagi to fetch dadi n karen. pukul brapa sudah ni? i wish something just happen and i dont need to fly.”PCD said,”becareful what you wished for cos u just might get it..”hahahaha. i guess i got what i wished for then πŸ™‚p.s: nanti kita hangout2 luar clubs lagi k..(tho kadang2 p club ok juga hehehe.)p.p.s: pics pleaaaaseee!!.xx.

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