That Was My Saturday

Sudah cerita pasal tengok wayang, then saturday come. Actually, memang sudah saturday pun we went home. Right friends? Well, I was so damn sleep still but I woke up around what was the time, around 6 I guess, feel a bit dizzy but my mind still thinking of going to work or dot dot dot. Hahaha! So I choose to go dot dot dot. I mean, jalan jalan with friend. I go and meet Edith at City Mall, malas mau p KK, mesti jam punya even sana Kolombong also jam panjang! Tapi sampai jugalah City Mall, before I decide to see Edith, I already sms Disie to go out that afternoon, but she said she only free after 3pm. Sya jumpa la Edith dulu, pas her the Wedding picture and have our lunch at Old Jesselton Chicken Rice. The food just nice and quite affordable too.

So, the waiter give us the menu

Edith is thinking what to have..

Finish! Haha.. forgot to capture the food because we were too hungry
Old jesselton

Owh, there was a coloring contest in city mall that day

Look so professional oo.. wear glove some more..

Around 3pm ++, Aldrian called, they were in City Mall, I send Edith sampai car park then I meet them. Tapi yang sedihnya tu, ATM out of service, do you know that there is only one ATM in City Mall, very not convenient. So, we ended going to 1Borneo after that. We eat, we enjoy the lion dance and we shop! Share with you some of our activity there. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the pictures ok. Malas mau menaip panjang panjang, I know you all like photos more than words.
Sushi time!

Aldrian was looking at the moving sushi.. haha..

Here is the bill sir..

Then we walk out the restaurant and drop at the centre atrium to watch lion dance πŸ˜‰
Lion Dance

After that we went to Tune Shop and shop something here.. ehehe..

okay.. which one I should take.. this one or the other.. owh.. this one at the back is nice.. shopping can make u sick sometime..

I love KATE eyeliner.. hihi..

Cinta si Aldrian ni.. jangan kacau.. πŸ˜€

and guess who I met in 1Borneo? Yes, she is my good friend Polina and her newly baby girl.. so sweet..

si abang long (Roy) pun ada juga di 1B.. haha.. and.. yes..Jeff.. He was there.. *wink*

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