Random Activities Done by Girllyen

Hahahah! Yes! I have mood to blog today.. I have so many to tell you! Yes,.you! I am pointing at you~! Don’t look at the back. Listen, I have gone through many places starting of this new year of 2009! Not that travel around the world, but too many functions, event, activities which steal my precious time. Well, should not refer to stealing but, I almost collapse myself into as I spent my time busy with friends, family and not to forget the WORK! Yiew~ I work almost more than 12hours per day in the office you see. And I know it is unsafe to work more than 12hours! What else I can do? Runaway just like that? No way! Still, my work never satisfied my bosses, year.. I might bad in time management.


Anyway, let’s talk about where have we been these days. There were too many things happen lately, remember I was thinking to bring all my friends to our orchard and have durians? I had to cancel the appointment because one of our family member follow my dad to heaven on 21st of January. He is my dad’s sister’s husband. The time he passaway, I didn’t manage to attend the funeral in Tenghilan. Sorry bapa tua.. I was working like BS in the office. Try to get all done! Please don’t try this at home. It’s so dangerous~~~

On 25th of January, 100th days my late dad, not many people come for the prayer. We were confused of inviting people to our house, so we decided to invite certain family members and friends to join us in the prayer. It was Sunday, so after church we went to my dad punya kubur bakar lilin, but I think my late dad was too sad so after reach home, hujan la pula.. I dont think the lilin still hidup la..

So..tibalah CNY.. 26th January.. We still berkabung for bapa tua.. Sorry I didnt post any CNY wishes in my blog.. But I hope you all enjoyed your Chinese New Year~ 😉 Pagi tu I didnt go anywhere.. only the afternoon laa.. mumy, papap, ingkok and I went to Abang Kimbun punya house at SK Inanam 2 @ Inanam. It’s their kids birthday and CNY open house, so apa lagi.. makan laa berabis.. hehee.. nasib tidak sakit perut..

Abang Kimbun Family

27th was the 7th day memorial prayer for bapa tua.. kami jalan awal actually dari rumah.. but ntah brapa kali change car, then drop at ben’s car wash cuci the car, and straight away p Tenghilan.. Burutak aka berlumpur ba there.. killer laa.. (tengok gambar) tapi yang mahal tu.. we were late.. The prayer just start and we were almost missed the prayer.. Sedih me rasa.. I know how is the feeling of losing someone who near to your heart. Someone is really an idol for you. Look after you from baby til besar kepala. *huhuhuh* I really missed dad’s jokes.. He always gila gila like me and I really feel that he’s alive in me but I can’t touch or punch him at the back or do our stone cold skills. I wish I have more time with him..

7th Day Prayer
The Prayer
lupak lagi
The duck!
My cousin and niece
Close Cousin
Another cousin 😉

Oh no.. time is jealous la pula.. time to sleep now.. Good night everyone 😉

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