From Hometown With Love – Tuaran


God is watching over me.. Happy Weekend!

Special to mama.. (Melissa Anne) Hehehe.. Wooo.. kurang post.. terus kna tegur ni.. Ok ok .. Well, here are the updates.. Actually I have been very busy doing life. Is that a sentence? Not really. I sound more complicated nowadays.. Well, I have so many thing to update here.. Owh, for your information, I already reduce the resolution of all my pictures from 300 to 72 only before I post in my blog, because I want all my precious friends who are using celcom broadband, or even still with dial-up.. still can view my pictures here. I donโ€™t like the page steal my time, so do u right? Even the pictures quality reduces, it still telling stories right? Adoiii.. tunggang langgang my English ni. Matilah.. I need to stop this.. Anyway, lets see what I have done few days! Your system might take sometime to load all the pictures which I had uploaded here. This is the longest post I ever made, try not to miss it. Check it out yo~ Aiks.. macam lebih lebih pula.. Jangan risau.. Sya main main saja.. eheks.. Enjoy the pictures k.. Drop some comment.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Date: 15th February 2009
Occasion: Geraldine & Roland Wedding @ Groom Residence
Location: Kg. Tagas, Tuaran.
Blog talk: I woke up late that day, so I didn’t manage to get the earliest pictures. I really missed it! When I arrived, the bride and groom already wore the bridal costume and I really wish to wake early that day so I can get their pictures with our lotud costume. Anyway, I have so much fun that day. Really. Congratulations to our newlyweds couple.




bride me

Date: 21st February 2009

Occasion: Wedding & Birthday
Location: Linangkit Cultural Village, Kg. Selupuh & Kg. Marabahai, Tuaran.
Blog talk: I was in Telipok Ria that day, thought of not going to work but yet to received a call from my colleague from Sandakan, so I rush to the office and left about 1pm and went to Tuaran as Bino, Boboy, Yeye and Ben planning to visit the wedding happened in Linangkit Cultural Village at Boboy’s house. Unfortunately, yeye coming late so we went 1st. We really enjoy the occasion. Congratulations to the bride and groom. Thanks to Alvin @ Abing for the invitation. After that, we have a small party for February birthday people at kg. marabahai, Tuaran. So exhausted! But I reach home safely and flat without cleanup.. Opps.. hehe..

3 stooges




de jilan hall







Date: 22nd February 2009
Occasion: It’s SundayLocation: Tuaran
Blog talk: “Unga~ mari kita pigi gereja” That was I heard when I realized it was sunday morning and I’m still lying on bed with my jeans while my left hand holding my hp with Facebook page opened. I manage to get up and clean up and drive to St. John Church, Tuaran with my grandma. The mass start at 8am. Can u imagine what time did I wake? =) After church, I called my uncle to help me have a look at mom’s car; I was worried with the sound from back whenever I brake. So, I went to Sabakaya to check, I thought the disc brake which got problem, but I was wrong, there was a piece of steel which stuck in it. I straight away ask them to service my car, hilang lagi RM93. Huhu.. After that, Zul and I went to survey ‘pancing fever’, p cari lubuk memancing. Nevertheless, we have fun taking pictures and I really enjoy my walk at Rasa Ria, Resort. I had a horse ride and it was super fun! Thanks to Yap and friends.




life guard

Rasa ria


orang utan


Done! All pictures posted! Fiew.. i take me half and hour to update this.. Now I’m sleepy.. huargh…

6 Comments on “From Hometown With Love – Tuaran

  1. huhuhu.. jangan gitu bah.. next time kita pigi aah.. heheh.. minta tolong si yap.. unplanning visit ba tu corn.. lucky me laa dapat naik kuda.. heee.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. huhuhu.. jangan gitu bah.. next time kita pigi aah.. heheh.. minta tolong si yap.. unplanning visit ba tu corn.. lucky me laa dapat naik kuda.. heee.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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