If I were a boss

I just got home. Sending Bino home after have mee tuaran at Tuaran. Do we have mee telipok? mee menggatal? mee inanam? Unique. Still taste good as ever.

The road to my house very slippery and still under construction. I wonder when will the goverment ‘tar’ our road. Do we need to beg? I think we did this and it’s not going to work. Kill the ‘wakil rakyat’? It’s not a good point also. Just stay here if I want to live longer. Suffering? Of course, but we as a rakyat have to bear with it.

That’s idea come for the title if I were a boss. Reynold send me a song title ‘If I were a Boss’ by JJ and Ean of Hitz.FM which they modified the song ‘If I were a boy’ hits by Beyonce Know-it-all. No, it should be Beyonce Knowles. Have you listen to it? Just google it or simple go to Hitz.Fm. You may find it there. The song make me wonder, will I be a good boss if I were a boss?

If I were a boss..

1) I will not push my people to work. If you are not happy, quit your job, do something else which can make you happy.
2) I will pay you more.
3) My working hours would be. 9 am up to 4 pm.
4) Annual vacation, go to other country, bring the family together, sort of the company family day.
5) Bonus every day! A cent may count a bonus.
6) Celebrate staffs birthday every month.
7) Make sure work life balance apply. Sports is a must. To promote healthy people.
8) Stop dreaming, I am not a boss yet.

That’s all. Thanks.

5 Comments on “If I were a boss

  1. Ngam tu Chai jadi photographer.. hehehe..pirut.. mee tuaran? Tiada masalah.. alpha angel.. buli buli.. hehee.. Berangan jak sya lebih ni..

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