Bad thing about 2 Fast 2 Furios – 4

Cornelia, Girllyen, Sharon
The single lady – Cornelia, Girllyen & Sharon šŸ˜‰
The Model
They are models during the day..

Us Again
And I am the driver for them..
Going in
Going in to watch some blast on 2F2F-4

Have you watch this movie? You better go and watch from the 1st movie. Especially to those who love to speed and have a powerful car. I love powerful, speed would be my second choice. I love a tough car like hummer or bigfoot. In other words, I love 4wd. So what is the bad thing about this movie? Well, actually not the movie it self, but how it influenced to us. For the first time, I feel hot in the cinema, because it’s too many people watching it! And somebody sitting on our seat, I am so sorry, but that was our seat gentleman, please look at your ticket before sit on it. Other people might distracted by us just now because I had to tell you that you were sitting on our seat.

Movies end – smile of satisfaction
Suddenly our friend fainted, velarry..
We cry
So sad.. I can’t believe he’s young but…

I bought 14 ticket (that includes for my mom, brothers and cousins) yesterday and hope to enjoy with my lovely friends who loves and cares our own car as well, so sad Bino and his brother could not come due to sudden circurmtances, but still pay for the ticket. My friends, I believe you all enjoy the movie and I hope to see another movie like terminator, or x-men for next session. Anyway, the worst thing happen tonight is my car got hit and I want to sue 1Borneo for charging us RM1 for parking but can’t look after our car. Sound demanding but at least I know who hit my car and ask him to fix it. I’m just bluffing even my heart broken in two saw the scratches on it. It’s too late now, good night everyone.

dare to sleep on the bench..

I want some credit too~
Car park fee
Pay parking pay parking
See.. scratch and I really hate this part.. I dunno how the person drive the car..

5 Comments on “Bad thing about 2 Fast 2 Furios – 4

  1. alalalala…ur car..sayang oo..the scratch is deep..if you wax pun mmg tidak bulih hilang..tsk,tsk..I also hate if my car kena like, how was the 2F2F 4? Siok ka?

  2. Ui… kalau urang2 tua kan.. durang marah tu kalau pura2 mati… nasip ada peace sign last.. ada juga contra… šŸ˜› ….P/S: Kurus suda sa kan? macam budak2 puLa sa sana… wakakakakakak

  3. derrick : girl kenapa tu? betul2 garit oh!!! kena dari mana?

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