DE-STRESS before it’s too late

Leaving the office before 6pm is not my routine activity. I always stay in the office up to 7pm without claiming any overtime. Work as what I am now is quite stressed up. Especially when you have to force yourself on deadlines which all marked as Urgent, High Importance, ASAP, and you have to do other operational work. Therefore, I need to stay up until I can go home happily. However, I left the office early today, which is before 6pm. Reach home, shower and have dinner my family. Go up, enter my bedroom, full of unread books and magazine on the floor and other stuff where invite snakes, scorpions, and even a crocodile. While I clearing up things, my eyes caught to a leaflet showing “DE-STRESS” word. I grab and have a look at it, oh, I took this last 2 years at Guardian. You see, I simply take whatever is free and never appreciate the content of it. Hence, I open the book, read it and delightfully thinking of sharing some of the stress busters here. Use there to keep you healthy and youthful.


1) Plan Your Time Well! – Proper time management will help keep stress at bay, giving you ample time to get things done.

2) Be Flexible – The key to a low stress level is to be more flexible towards changes, be it negative or positive.

3) Show Your Emotions! – Keeping your emotions bottled up inside might make you seem calm, but sooner or later, all that suppressed emotions are going to break you down!

4) Exercise Regularly! – Existing burns up the harmful chemicals in your body that are released during stressful times, helping you relax before any future encounters with stress!

5) Rest & Relax! – Take some time to do things that are relaxing for you. Go for a short trip or holiday for that well-earned rest and relaxation.

6) Sleep Well! – Getting a good night’s sleep will let your body recuperate, so you’ll be able to deal with stress better when it happens!

7) A Stress-Free Diet – Changing your diet will help increase your body’s defence system against stress! Include food with plenty of nutrients, like fruits, vegetables and fibres.

8) Vitamins and Supplements! – Even with a healthy diet, you might lose you on essentials nutrients that are lost from preparing the food. Consult your nearest Guardian pharmacist to make sure you get all the supplements you need to deal with stress!

Last but not least, (additional) put your smile on your face! 😉

On Our birthday
On my 8 years old birthday, actually we are sharing our birthday together.

We are young
When we still very young.. 😉

Living for the best
We are happy family

We are cousins
Kadazans.. 😉

2 Comments on “DE-STRESS before it’s too late

  1. no.2 to no.7 kira ok2 sdh lah sa…but, i really need to work out on no.1 and no.8sa beli2 supplement kunun, tapi selalu berbulan baru habis cos tida ingat mau makan daily…hehehe

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