Thanks to Breeze Mag

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Eleanor text me this morning and informed that we were in Breeze Mag for April Issue. I feel honored to be part of Breeze work. What? No idea what magazine is that? Well, this is a local magazine support by Sabah Tourism department, their first publication was on February 2008 by the editor namely Jonathan Bong who is totally **not qualified as an editor but successfully proved that no matter what course you take in the college/university, you can always be what you have inside you, so called Talent. Good job Jonathan. Keep up the good work Breeze Mag team. Breeze Mag has landed Kuching.

Breeze KK

Breeze Mag is a monthly basis publication, you may get it from any of the top hotels, clubs, cafes, restaurant and other places like malls. The good things of this magazine is, you can get it for free. Since it’s limited to get a copy of it, you can always read through online. Thanks to For more info, feel free to swim at Breeze Mag.

Breeze Kuching

**I am not qualified to be a blogger too, but I am one of them 😉

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