Reveal the box content now..

It seems that no one pass the How sharp are you? What’s inside? test, but Isa nearly there. So no kopi tenom but I will tell you what’s inside. To those who act do not care, unCool and not enjoyed the fun, go away. :p I never insist you to guess but to the one who did try their luck, I give you the answer now. Especially Corn.. *chuckles*

It's not an iPhone

Blogger cornelia charladine said…

let me guess, it got something to do with DSLR? betul ka girl?
cepat reveal the — No, it’s not..

derrick: kotak kotak tu mcm sedang sedang besar dia … ” HANDPHONE “
jawapan muktamad. — Bukan handphone laa.. brapa byk handphone sya mo beli?

Blogger Mrs. Ezman said…

handphone! hehhe… speedlite? bag dslr? … new lenses hehehe.. — semua salah.. haha.. good try 😉

Blogger Isa said…

Iphone..!!! — Sikit lagi Isa.. 😉

Blogger Claire Cassandra T said…

err…kapas muka??haaha…macam2 ba buli muat kotak besar macam tu…sia teka lagi la…makeup!! muahahaha — Fuiyoo.. Kapas muka sya beli dari guardian atau watson saja.. 😀

Blogger Fharelynne said…


haha… — Vonne.. if sya beli PSP lagi.. mesti sya bagi ko sudah tu.. hehe..

Blogger FIRKAL said…


*hehe,… menyampuk dulu k. pok kna blanja kupi tenom bah..* — Fuiyoo.. blackberry.. belum mampu lagi sya.. hahah.. 😉

So apa la?
Jeng Jeng Jeng

Oi.. salah picture..

Apple of my eye..
I just have my own MP3
iPod shuffle – something technical not new
With earphone only..
Do you see that? I mean itu apple sudah kena gigit..Yea the engrave part is unique..

I just add up another wire in my life.. huhuh.. Actually, I hate wires..

For more info on how you can get your iPod engraved? (I just learned the word from Eleanor) Try look for Eleanor, or straight away go to Apple.Com

“Thank you Eleanor..if it wasn’t for you.. this will not ever happen! I want it in BOLD letters. I want it to be size 32.
eleanor_19685: now girl. now!!!! <<– she insist me to put this.. HOnestly.. I owe you Eleanor and now, go ahead and ask them to engraved your iPod! 😉

8 Comments on “Reveal the box content now..

  1. I am the first to comment. Girl… Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Engraved and HP TX all bundled up into one!!! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

  2. ahahahha…mentang2 la baru abis Esther trus kenen bdusa ckp kutur…mo refill tu karung baituhh c Eleanor…ahahahahha

    ooo itu pula…abis sia nmpak besar tu kotak ba Girl..punya jauh beza tu kapas sama tu eerr iPod ka?? ahahahahahhaa

  3. hahahaha! Akan ku engraved juga. Sy engraved DIY Style. Ambil itu besi tajam and then kikis nama sy sana. LOL!

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