Be a leader or a manager?

What is the different between these two?

3 Comments on “Be a leader or a manager?

  1. Hi Girl, I like this topic. Well, I always remember this up until today in my daily life.

    Here’s what I tought…

    Well, a manager is a manager not a leader (obviously). The most basic criteria of a manager is to managing. Mostly they will order the staff to do thing instead of taking part in a project or a job. Everybody can be a manager.

    This is really a rare type. While a manager is just simply a MANAGER, a LEADER can be a manager at the same time. A leader is a person that fully respected by the team member. And usually a leader will always take part in any project he taking care of.

    There are a lot more differences between these two… Maybe I’ll consider to post a similar topic and list all of the differences… Hehehe.. Kalo ko ok la.. Kalo ndak sa ndak post.

    Jason Aaron

  2. Baaa…urang bilang…kalau mo jadi manager inda semestinya pandai leader…
    yang jadi leader inda semestinya dia bulih jadi manager…

    “Leaders stand out by being different. They question assumption and are suspicious of tradition. They seek out the truth and make decisions based on fact, not prejudice. They have a preference for innovation.”

    pa pa pun…manyzer owez b the top frm the leader…coz…the manyzer owez get the credit…while the leader happy doing his or hers toward leading….

  3. Hehe, that was what Jason’s thoughts, but for me, nothing different between Leader and Manager as long “Leader” is a BOSS as well as “Manager”. 

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