A never ending sickness

I am on leave today and I just can’t stop thinking of going out to the office. Believe it or not, I just can’t stop sms-ing my colleague asking, busy?, so many orders?, ok ka OTIF? Urgh. I told myself, why do I care so much with works? Am I suppose to get enough rest and gain more energy? I guess, blogging a little won’t harm right? Else I will change my mind later and drive to the office. Normally tuesday is the busiest day of the week. That’s why I’m a bit worry.

On 15th of April, which is on (checking hp) wednesday, only last week, I went to our panel doctor at Klinik Menggatal to see Dr. Ho. Thanks to William for sending me up to the clinic.

Location: Klinik Menggatal, Dr. Ho Siang Boon.
Time: Around 10 am
Date: 15 April 2009

Walk on the stairs.. Looking at the counter to register. The clinic full with middle age, some coughing like me, some people with kids.

Me: Hello..
Counter lady: Hi.. Ko flu? Siapa sudah nama ko tu?
(Do I look obviously flu? Ok, she recognized my face but can’t remember my name)

Me: Errm.. Veralyn..
Counter lady: Bah.. tunggu sikijap aah..
Me: Ok.. (and look for any available seat)

Sitting next to a lady – around 30 – 40 years old..
waiting — waiting — 30 minits passed — still waiting my turn

Counter lady: Vera.. masuk la..
(I just smiled)

Doctor: Yes Vera…
Me: Hi doctor (with a lame face..)

and some conversation lagi la.. byk betul mau cakap..
And so..the doctor gave me this..


Then.. after work yesterday, I went again to see the doctor, but this time because of my right ear. Sakit tak terkata. Dah pekak dah pun. Anyway, thanks to Zool & Jessie for their sweet helping hands.

Location: Klinik Menggatal, Dr. Ho Siang Boon.
Time: Around 6 pm
Date: 20 April 2009

Counter lady: Eh, ko belum baik lagi?
Me: (Muka bingung) Ya..

Counter lady: Bila ko datang tu?
Me: (Berfikir..bila masa tu ah) Err.. ari ampat ka.. eh.. macam ari tiga.. eh.. inda ingat..

Counter lady: Macam baru baru jak tu kan?
Me: Iya (sambil tersenyum.. malu juga ni balik balik muka sya p klinik)

This time, no one in the clinic maybe because it’s already late and people seldom seek the doctor in time like that.

Doctor: Yes vera.. (smiling)
Me: Ya..it’s me again..

Doctor: What’s up.. (still smiling)
Me: My right ear sakit lah..

Doctor: Ok.. let me see..(checking my ear using his tools)
Me: Ouch..

Doctor: Inflammation.. Do u often clean your ear using cotton bud?
Me: yea…

Doctor: The epidermis has a scratch on it so, infected and now swollen.
Me: erk..ok..

Doctor: I give you a strong medicine..

Ubat Lagi

Hurm.. the learning subject.. Do not clean your ear always.. and keep healthy.. Once you get sick, no fun at all!

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