My First Singapore Visit

I know it’s kinda outdated, but my BFF ask me, where is my Singapore story? Maybe I’m just too excited up to the point I forgot to share what happen during my runaway day to Singapore for 3 days and 2 night only. Actually not exactly 3 days, but what to do, Air Asia only provide night flight to Singapore only and I do not have any option.

my ticket

I book the flight on 6th of March 2009, without planning to go but since Air Asia offer a good deal, why not I try? In the mean time, one of my BFF is working in Singapore so less ‘jakuns’ and save more ‘lost’ moment. The truth is, we did lost on my last day in Singapore. *Chuckles* Maybe a sign for me not to go home that early! For your information, that was my first time out of Malaysia. I have dream of traveling around the globe even fly to the moon.


Before I went through the security check, I change my money to S$ at the money changer at the airport, 1.5k MYR = 634 SGD only! Fly from BKI is a very nice experience. The sunset is very mesmerizing, hope I spell it right. You’ll not enjoy the view of Singapore on air, but the lights of the country makes you feel wow, how does Singapore looks during Earth Hour? Before you go out of the country, make sure you have enough Reload card for your prepaid number, or set your IDD call for postpaid users.


After reach Changi, I try to call Lovina and look for her but both of us gain weight so much until we didn’t recognize each other. I had to tell her what I am wearing and where I was on that time. And our distance is only like 500 metres away. Yay~ I am officially Fat. I know because I am happy and healthy.

We took a taxi and drop at Harbour Ville Hotel, where I booked through online after I confirmed my flight. The room is very small, and the location is next to St. Teresa Church if I am not mistaken. Clean and you get what you paid for. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I am not suggesting the hotel if you wish to walk around town. Look for cheap hostel at Little India, Orchard or Chinatown if you wish to save up time to enjoy yourself in Singapore.


After check in, put my things aside, we took a bus and went to the nearest MRT, at Outram Park. First, Lovina brought me to Chinatown but most of the food stall almost closed so we moved to Orchard and have our dinner instead. After full, we walk to Clarke Quay and take our insane picture around the city of Singapore. Around 2am, we went back and have our rest at the hotel.


Day 2 – 4th April 2009


Woke up at 7am, and punyalah semangat hendak berjalan mengelilingi Singapore dengan hasrat dapat beli ole-ole balik ke kampung. Namun, wang Singapore bukan seperti wang di Bandung. Everything count. Whenever I did the shopping I will calculate it with malaysia currency. Hahah! I went to Bugis, I went Somerset, Clarke Quay, Little India, Raffles Place, Vivo City, Merlion place fuh! So many to remember and I nearly pull out my feet. Jalan jalan sampai jam3.30 pagi! Yea, it’s saturday night, what do you expect anyway? hahaha!


I bet you look at the jeans before me..

Vivo City

Day 3 – 5th April 2009

Time to go home, but sempat lagi pergi Choa Chu Kang, Lovina’s place. It was raining heavily so didn’t manage to catch up other places. Huhuh. What to do laa.. There always a next time! 😉 Around 4pm, we left Jurong East and back to the hotel to check out. First, we missed the 1st station to the outram park, second we lost and could not find where is the way back to the hotel, third, I almost not going back. Haha.. But I think Singapore like me too. Hihi.. Love you Singapore. Will come back soon! 😉

Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay

FaceBook - 1
More picture in my Facebook 😉

FaceBook - 2

Good night. Huarrrgh~ So sleepy and tired 😉

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