Money is not everything

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Indeed, true. Money is not everything, there are MasterCard and Visa. But if we wrongly use it, it might kills us down. Some people say to me, “You are different, your company pay you more while we have less which not compatible with our task”. Hello? Do you thought my job is easy like you thought? If the job really makes the money easily, I don’t have to seek the doctor every 3 months. Some yes, maybe, but not all, so never ever make pre-judgement on people career and their salary. It’s not easy as u thought. Smart people does make money easily because they are smarter than us like Bill Gates.

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I look back my first job experience. I start earn money since the age of 15 years old, I follow my friend Jenie work as service assistant on part-time basis in Tang Dynasty, banquet floor. I found working is fun and I nearly forgot my role as a student. After our SPM exam end, I went out look for a permanent job, a job which base on monthly payment. I tried work at Borneo Garment, work as a tailor, RM10 per day and pay end of month. Imagine if I work 21 in a month, I only earn RM210 per month. It last 3 months only, then my aunty ask me to try at SK Tyre, Telipok and I get the job with basic of RM300. (sya rasa banyak sudah ni)I love my job at SK Tyre, I learn how to key in cheque, some data entry, tyre specification, it’s quite hard duty type of job but I enjoy the fun and the Lao Pan and Lao Pan Niang also very good. That was the plave I learn about cars and engines.

Photo 4

After 3 months, I received one offer to further my studies. After finish study my Diploma in Information Technology, while waiting my final exam result, I try to apply the post of Scheduler on contract basis. I get the job and it quite tough but God is great, as I improved, I try my luck again to be a permanent staff and thanks to God I get the job even I know I am not capable enough to sit on the position.

Photo 5

With the experience of 3 years in this company, when the tough gets going, the tough gets sick. Everything you do come with a price. During old time, we don’t have to pay to enter public toilet, now it happens. Everything change now, I wonder what will happen in the next future? Are we going to have a judgment day just like in the terminator movie? Or we have those gadgets or small ships going places? I wonder.. just wonder..

Photo 6
To my brothers and sisters, if you still study, study smart and never ruin your future. During your teens life, it’s fun and enjoyable, but never let yourself be a stupid moron after all ended. You will regret it and there is no turning back. Enjoy your life but in proper way.
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p/s: those pictures were taken using my hp W910i randomly for your view only. Life is great but be prepare what will happen next.

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2 Comments on “Money is not everything

  1. im glad i listened to mom about finishing my studies. at least, with the piece of paper in my hand, i get to work a decent work and get paid a decent amount and get to buy things beyond my thoughts when i was 19. ha!

  2. Hi Girl,

    Money is not everything, same with the plastic money (Cardssss). But everything now needs money. Sometimes even love need money (I saw one before ehehe..).

    As for the life, do not worry as everything will be okay. You just have to have the happy times for yourself and I can see that you are always happy, kan? We always learn from experience and truly, experience is a very2 good teacher. As you mentioned Bill Gates, let me tell you he is one of my idol and a guy who learn from experience.

    I'm not sure if you have study about successful people like Bill Gates, Donald Trump or the others, but most of them don't have proper education. THEY ARE SELF-EDUCATED!

    Pindik kata kan Girl, don't care what people say, be your own self, go for whatever big planning you said and you wont regret it! One of my friend said – Better die trying than die knowing nothing… Believe me it's worth, I have experienced it.. HEheh..

    Anyway, I know you can do it. Just don't stop because you don't know when your success come. Who knows, your success is waiting for you tommorrow??

    That's all la Girl, cam sia pula tulis blog.. Heheh.. K la. Take Care Girl.

    Jason Aaron

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