Is Bangkok safe?

Hurmm.. i wonder, is Bangkok safe enough to travel? Can anyone share their experience please?


5 Comments on “Is Bangkok safe?

  1. i had no problem when traveling there in 1997 despite being told of the unstable political issues in the country. now shud be ok jg bah sdh. and yeah, maybe have to watch out for the H1N1 saja la.

  2. yeah… I was there in 2004 .. no sars… no political unstability… and no H1N1 then.. but Now… hehe.. Im not sure.. but a cousin of mine is studyin there.. and he said.. only the south yang teruk tu… in bangkok they still have parties in there streets.. So I guess u can consider that an assurance …

  3. IMHO, the factors need to be considered:
    1. political stability
    2. H1N1

    better postpone dulu la girl, bak kata pepatah 'takkan lari bangkok dikejar'.. hehe..

  4. Eh typo…bkn 1997. 2007 bah.

    With H1N1 cases now, kalau mau fikir2, mana2 pun bayaya mo travel now bah actually. 🙂

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