Wedding & Kaamatan

Everywhere I go, I see small signboards, wedding this, kahwin that, and some are plain, some are decorated with colorful ribbon. Beside that, I saw signboard shows ‘SLOW DOWN’ while I was driving 140km/h. Alright, that’s not good.

In our life, we should have 2 rules, that is #1 – There is no rules, #2 – If there is, please refer rules #1. Agree? Life is about choosing our own path of life. It’s you to decide whether to be good or bad. Not a person who break the rules, obviously. Just a thought.

Stop bubbling about life first, let me share about my last weekend. Friday night was awesome, no, I lie, I missed my friend’s birthday party at Gaya restaurant, Inanam. Sorry pal, but I would like to wish you two a Happy birthday Zeno & Norzianie and may you always success in whatever you do.

My mom bring me to Papar because we have Wedding invitation at Membakut the day after, so we stay in Papar and hope to reach Membakut without rushing ourselves on that day. Congratulation to my ‘uncle’ Jackues and his beloved wife Sylvia.

Late afternoon, we (my cousin and I) drop at Tg. Aru to visit ‘Rumah Terbuka TM 2009’. Share 1 picture of the unduk ngadau winner. So many things need to share here but I have other commitment again. Stay happy always~ 😉

Jackues & Sylvia


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