Why recession exist?

These thoughts suddenly appear in my mind while I was tried to sleep last night. Nowadays, human spending everything that they have obviously the money that they fork out till they almost lost what they already have… That’s why recession exists. I guess. See, people spending on buying cars, not just a car but the super one, at least BMW 3 series, or at least MYVI instead of Viva. Some people did not feel the pain of earning when buying all these luxury things. It happen to me as well and sometime I feel regret for it. But I never regret on choosing my good friends, my love one of course because they are not a thing that I can buy and lost it just like that. Despite of God’s will, I will not make it happen. Even in the hard situation, I will cover them up. God is great anyway, he grants us peace, but the devil creates war to gain peace? Two different situations isn’t it? My friends, be careful of whatever you spent, it might hurt you back. Do the right thing and make everything right. Even you have rights to do everything. Please concern about our future generation. Walk with me and let us remind ourselves together.

Oleng Oleng Circle

Date: 28 June 2009
Location: Melohom Bay, Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Front: Qisthine, PS, Girllyen, Kuai
Middle: Albert, Merlvin, Dairen, Gidong, Junior, Sumpit, Ramesh
Back: Sebastian, Clarence, Zohn

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