Busy is my middle name

Not as a busybody, but a person who always busy with her own life. My friend ever say once, the option is there but yet u choose to be a busy person. And they define me as a lazy active girl. How would an active girl labeled as lazy? She is active but yet lazy to organise her life. Yea, that’s me. I have a plan, but my plan is not necessarily turn to a successful one. For instance, I plan to travel all over the world, I did travel but depends on my budget to go around the globe. Talk about budget? Money is the main actor in the story. We work, we spend, not enough, we fork out more. Did you ever thought of staying in a kampung, sit near the river bank, play your favourite song and whistling with the bird and just enjoy the beautiful scenery? No need to think about going to the bank, being scold by the boss, urgent datelines, stressful colleagues, sarcastic, clients whatsoever, bla bla bla.. Have you ever think of not going to work and just relax at home?

I thought of that everytime I feel this life are hectic and furious. So much different from my childhood memory where I still jumping, swimming, running at the paddy field as my playground long time ago in Kg. Tagas, Tuaran. Look at us now, we have grown up and start dating, some of you even start your own family, who I personally proud to have some friends who get married and have their own family. I believe another chapter in your life start again after married life. Doesn’t mean being single could be worst, but when you have met your partner, you are the luckiest person in the world because you learn all the bitter sweet of being an adult. I talk like I grown up old, haha! Ok I just stop here.

What happen to me last week. Well, I share some of the pictures I snap last week. 😉 To my pixelayer team, thanks for being the sweetest friends. To my dear, thanks for your support and I hope we have a wonderful happy life always. My beloved mom, you are the sunshine in my heart, even I am away, I always love you. My new fellow buddy, Less, Bob and Jr, I have a great Sunday Freak with you all even I feel a bit awkward when the rain pouring~ 😉 Can’t wait for our next photoshoot.

My neighbour son..

Sunset near navy base

3 model
Photoshoot with Tta, Dieny & Dominic

Twins! – I like
And.. the ultimate awkwardly girl..

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