Gelagat Photographer Di Melohom

I wake very early today, 3AM! Actually 2.50am already wake but I postpone up to 3am.. hehe.. Bangun bangun saja, terus edit video, and this is what I have done early in the morning. Thought of going out to catch sunset but raining pula in the morning. Nevermind, I just share the video here. Warning: The smaller size with the best quality has been uploaded, dont mad at me if the loading takes u century.. :F

Melohom Memories from Girllyen Marcie on Vimeo.

2 Comments on “Gelagat Photographer Di Melohom

  1. i got married, have children, my children married and have children… tapi masi blum abis2 loading ni movie.

    bagus sa pii tanam bunga lili. hahahaha

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