Texas HoldEm Fever

I was playing Texas HoldEm Poker on Facebook and chatting while playing.. And I lose all my chips. Hahahah..


Nicolas Fernandez: mrs marcie taga saan k?
Girllyen Marcie: ano yan?
Nicolas Fernandez: ask ako kng were ksa phillipines?
Girllyen Marcie: no.. i’m not.. hehe..
Nicolas Fernandez: sorry h dalaga kpa pala
Girllyen Marcie: okay lang.. no problem..
Nicolas Fernandez: age pls?
Girllyen Marcie: u guess..
Nicolas Fernandez: 22
Girllyen Marcie: shud b more than that..
Nicolas Fernandez: 32
Girllyen Marcie: hahaha… do i look 32?
Nicolas Fernandez: hindi naman 28 sguro
Girllyen Marcie: haha.. u treat me like i know how to speak tagalog..
Nicolas Fernandez: bakit? spoking dollor k rin?
Girllyen Marcie: hindi poh..but.. i understand a little only..
Nicolas Fernandez: were u from|?
Girllyen Marcie: malaysian..
Harold Smith: ypu guys are friends?
Girllyen Marcie: no.. we r not harold 😉
Nicolas Fernandez: oky
Harold Smith: ah ok..it seems that you arein the same place…coz you speak the same language
Girllyen Marcie: i know a bit of their language.. 🙂
Nicolas Fernandez: nasa malaysia k ngayon ?
Harold Smith: great!
Girllyen Marcie: O o ngah..
Nicolas Fernandez: galit k ata?
Nicolas Fernandez: bf mba s harold?
Nicolas Fernandez: all in
Harold Smith: all in
Girllyen Marcie: no.. 😉 I almost bankrupt.. haha..
Nicolas Fernandez: mahal kita girilyn
Girllyen Marcie: haha.. salamat..
Nicolas Fernandez: beautiful toy gun
Harold Smith: coward
Harold Smith: nicolas
Nicolas Fernandez: masama magsabi n mahal kita ?
Nicolas Fernandez: bad harold?
Harold Smith: too coward
Nicolas Fernandez: bang bang bang
Harold Smith: your not good enough for girllyen
Nicolas Fernandez: why harold?
Harold Smith: such a coward person
Nicolas Fernandez: really
Harold Smith: you folded again coward
Nicolas Fernandez: i tell u harold all pilipinos r sincere t their love ones
Harold Smith: so…your a filipino…well i’ve known lots of your raise and thats true but thoose people i know are not coward they are even fighting terrorist
Girllyen Marcie: take it easy.. i almost lost all my chips here.. see u all again tomorrow 😉

Then I left to the Lobby..

p/s: I’m impress to this line.. “Nicolas Fernandez: i tell u harold all pilipinos r sincere t their love ones” – I might be the lucky person because have someone that have pilipinos blood.. 😀 My Mark Dillon Garcia.. Mahal kita~ 😉

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