Buka Puasa Buka Puasa

I just came back from Berbuka Puasa with Sabahan.Net together with their Sabahan.Fm activity launched at Jabatan Hospitality Politeknik, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I think this is the first time I went to a social network activity alone. I never come to this kind of gathering alone before. My first gathering was meeting the SabahRhinos.com members, and yes, that was my first-time gather together with all SabahRhinos.com forumers. It was fun and yeah, I enjoy the official gathering.

Sabahan.FM shiuk bah didengar~ 😉


September is the month luxury. Why? It is because the number 9, in some Chinese philosophy says that 9 represent luxury and healthy life style. There is something bothering me these days, where I laugh a lot and drop a few tears too. I had unstable emotion and just do not have any idea what is happening. Most probably because of the hazy weather that made my brain not working properly since I consumed less water now.

On the 6th of September, Nikon has organized a Nikon Basic Workshop to all the under warranty DSLR Nikon owner at Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The speaker is Kelvin Chan, a pro photographer who I personally think that he is kind and tidak-lokek-ilmu of a person although his presentation a bit dull otherwise I am the one who not use to this kind of workshop. Meeting all the pro-photographers really make myself wow.. wuuu.. uwiih!

A day before the workshop, I should be in St. Catherine Church, Inanam, but I was late so I decide drop to the office did some job and have a walk with Adelbert after that. We actually so tired, but I just do not understand why we like hang out and take pictures. That’s the passion of photography lover. Well, at least, we treasure all the things around us beside nature. It is better than lepaking at Kopi Shop and talk about people passing by. I prefer doing something which cherish friendship and successful stories.

Done with the past, so what’s next? This Friday would be Aaron last day in our workplace. He is a trainee and conventionally anyone who left, will have a farewell party. It’s going to be a tired weekend again. Farewell party at Friday night, pro-photographer dinner at Jack Pot Cafe, on Saturday Night, and buka puasa dinner at Novotel on Sunday Night. Actually I booked this weekend for other things but I guess, it just word and no confident on the theory. Pray for the best and let God lead my way.

P/s: Sayang ba itu masa kalau ditinggal-tinggal~

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