Sinful Complaint

Are you busy? Yes, I understand that most of you are busy at the moment. Praying? That might be the last thing in mind. I’m not saying you, but most of our youth, even myself walk in a wrong path. In our life, we have to know what our priority (keutamaan) is. What is ur main concern in life? Family? God? Money? Love? Entertainment and so forth.. To me, we must have our own dream. There are no rules in life, just like Photography, there is no rule of taking picture, but to learn a bit about the Rule of Third, Lighting or even camera type might help you to produce a better photo.

We are born with heart & mind for us you think what is wrong and what is right. The day we born into this world, have u ever thought that life can be such difficult with all the disappointments of growing and get through all the pain to achieve what we want? And yet, we demand for everything that good and luxury? As my age increased, I learn that no matter what, you can’t reduce your age and your past history. For that reason, I strongly agree to the famous quote ‘No Pain, No Gain’. Wake up people, our time is moving very fast now, just like the speed of light! Before it’s too late, working hard on your goal, be realistic, playing Poker in Facebook will not make you rich fast, you will not eat those plant in your Farmville in Facebook or playing Dota will not make you office work done timely. Think about it. Open our eyes.

When I was a kid, I love to sit next to my grandma and listen to their stories. The success of harvesting of their paddy planting always teaches me how hard our life is. To those who never experienced it, try once. You’ll amazed with the sweat and joyful of planting your own paddy. Either you ended give up or you enjoy your own work. Otherwise, you will ended like this, enjoy the work, but you will compare with the one you buy from the shop and choose to buy rather than sweating under the sun. However, you must remember the farmer. They have put very high effort for those who can simply buy it.

Now, you complaint about your job has not been done? Are you fully doing your job? Is there any job in this world with higher pay with zero stress? Still want to provide excuses? Do you co-operate in good manner? Some might say, the boss not good, but are you good enough? If you good enough, why you still working there? Then you realized, yes, I’m not good enough to judge other people like my boss. I seldom get angry, and some might say, she is crazy, the laughing girl is crazy. Well, you don’t have to like me or to be like me.

I only have one dream in life – to be a successful woman. I almost there and I know I owe God so much. Without faith and His blessing, I might still look for a good job, chasing people pavement, and my mom will suffered feeding all of us. Life is simple, but so complicated right? Well, good luck in whatever you do. I just want to share, never challenge the time, treasure whatever you have now and you will never be regret. Without family and friendship, I will never come to this far. Thank you and God bless you.


4 Comments on “Sinful Complaint

  1. Remember…Success is a journey, not a destination.

    Never measure a person's success by how high he/she climbs but, by how many times he gets up & bounces each & every time he hits bottom.

    That is why, in life…80% of success is showing up…to face the same problems, the same issues & battling the same war as yesterday & the day before.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't have the key or secret to success but, I do know that the key to failure is by trying to please everybody.

    – A compilation of quotes to get my message across to you from Gen. George S. Patton, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, & Ben Sweetland

  2. Girl, once you were enter the 'hall', then you must going through into it. No matter what happened 'inside' there, you have to struggle to fight it back until you win.

    That was my un-perfect concept of being live in this poor world. huhu..

    But, what ever problems that you were involved with,. just remember one thing.. Life is Flexible! There's a way to solve it and to win it! Confident man!!!!

    🙂 Best of luck Girl!!

  3. Thanks Bro Nudist~ 😉 it's good to hear some sharing from u..

    Pirut.. struggling for a better generation kan.. shiok but memang laa byk juga pengorbanan..

  4. Thanks Bro Nudist~ 😉 it's good to hear some sharing from u..Pirut.. struggling for a better generation kan.. shiok but memang laa byk juga pengorbanan..

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